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Pages : Book Size : 5. The universe has a beginning and is in the midst of its development: a vast cosmic epigenesis. Everything that exists is involved in this emergence galaxies and stars and planets and light and all living creatures. This was a fire that filled the universethat was the universe We can see the dawn of the universe because the light from its edge reaches us only now, after traveling twenty billion years to get here. The material of your body and the material of my body are intrinisically related because they emerged from and are caught up in a single energetic event.

Our ancenstry stretches back through the life forms and into the stars, back to the beginnings of the primeval fireball. This universe is a single multiform energetic unfolding of matter, mind, intelligence, and life.

And all of this is new. None of the great figures of human history were aware of this. We are the first generation to live with an empirical view of the origin of the universe To learn about creativity, we must begin to understand the creativity of the Earth Earth was a cauldron of chemical and elemental creativity, fashioning ever more complex forms and combinations until life burst forth in the oceans and spread across the continents, covering the entire planet.

This creativity advanced until flowers bloomed on every continent, then advanced further until the vision of the flowers and all beauty could be deeply felt and appreciated. We are the latest, the most recent, the youngest extravagance of this stupendously creative Earth The human provides the space in which the universe feels its stupendous beauty. Think of the entire cosmos, all one hundred billion galazies rushing through space: At this cosmic scale, the basic dynamism of the universe is the attraction each galaxy has for every other galaxy The attracting activity is a stupendous and mysterious fact of existence.

We awake and discover that this alluring activity is the basic reality of the macrocosmic universe We must begin with the attraction that permeates the entire macrostructure, You are interested in certain things, certain people, certain activities: each interest is as fundamental to the universe as is the gravitational attraction our Earth feels for the Sun. We cannot explain why these attractions exist. We can only become aware of them. The great surprise is the discovery that something or someone is interesting.

Love begins there. Love begins when we discover interest. To be interested is to fall in love. To become fascinated is to step into a wild love affair on any level of life Then we discover not only that we are interested, but that our interests are entirely our own. We awake to our own unique sets of attractions. So do oxygen atoms. So do protons. The proton is attracted only to certain particles. On an infinitely more complex level, the same holds true for humans: Each person discovers a field of allurements, the totality of which bears the unique stamp of that person's personality.

Destiny unfolds in the pursuit of individual fascinations and interests Love is a word that points to this alluring activity in the cosmos.

The Universe is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story by Brian Swimme (Paperback, 1984)

This primal dynamism awakens the communities of atoms, galaxies, stars, families, nations, persons, ecosystems, oceans, and stellar systems. Love ignites being. We awake to fascination and we strive to fascinate. We work to enchant others. We work to ignite life, to evoke presence, to enhance the unfolding of being. All of this is the actuality of love. We strive to fascinate so that we can bring forth what might otherwise disappear. But that is exactly what love does: Love is the activity of evoking being, of enhancing life.

In this we can see the meaning of human life and human work. The star's own adventure captures the whole story. It is created out of the creations of the fireball, enters into its own intense creativity, and sends forth its works throughout the galaxy, enabling new orders of existence to emerge. It gives utterly everything to its task after its stupendous creativity, its life as a star is over in one vast explosion.

But through the bestowal of its gifts elephants, rivers, eagles, ice jams, root beer floats, zebras, Elizabethan dramas, and the whole living Earth, become possible. Love's dynamism is carved into the principle of the night sky. We allow the universe to know and feel itself. So the universe is aware of itself through self-reflexive mind, which unfurls in the human. We were brought forth so that these experiences of beauty could enter awareness. The primeval fireball existed for twenty billion years without self-awareness.

The creative work of the supernovas existed for billions of years without self-reflexive awareness. That star could not, by itself, become aware of its own beauty or sacrifice. But the star can, through us, reflect back on itself.

Brian Swimme

In a sense, you are the star So yes: the star does know of its great work, of its surrender to allurement, of its stupendous contribution to life, but only through its further articulationyou. Fall in love as deeply as you can. That way the universe becomes your primary teacher.

We learn about becoming love by falling in love, then reflecting on the experience and what it taught us. That way, the universe does the real teaching. Nor are humans unique in being violent. We live in a violent universe. Violence fills the cosmos in various forms, and human violence is only one of these. Allurement is the source of all activity, even destructive activity.