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Written by an outstanding team of experts in the interdisciplinary areas of research, this book is based on a new classification of the different types of fullerene polymers according to their chemical structures. You have access to this article. Please wait while we load your content Something went wrong. Try again?


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  5. Fullerene Polymers and Fullerene Polymer Composites.
  6. Side-chain fullerene polyesters: a new class of high refractive index polymers H. Yan, S. Chen, M.

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    Calculation of Energy Bands for Peanuts-Shaped Fused Fullerene Polymers

    We reveal that the periodic radius modulation peculiar to one-dimensional 1D peanut-shaped fullerene C 60 polymers exerts a strong influence on their low-frequency phonon states and their interactions with mobile electrons. The continuum approximation is employed to show the zone-folding of phonon dispersion curves, which leads to fast relaxation of a radial breathing mode in the 1D C 60 polymers.

    We also formulate the electron—phonon interaction along the deformation potential theory, demonstrating that only a few set of electron and phonon modes yields a significant magnitude of the interaction relevant to the low-temperature physics of the system.

    Theoretical investigation of interactions between palladium and fullerene in polymer