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Some useful amulets and talismans must be carried, as these will help to protect you during this year. Keeping the Blue Rhinoceros Protection Amulet with you at all times will safeguard you from any evils and defend you from misfortune. In the Southeast Sector of your living room or main hall, you should place the Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros , which will serve to maintain the safety of your home — this effect can be multiplied by carrying with you the Nightspot Talisman.

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During the year , you should wear the Tiger's Eye Bracelet with Tiger Tooth Dzi Bead ; these beads will help you excel in life, allowing you to find your inner willpower and perseverance and fight for what you deserve. In addition to this, those born in the years of the Dragon can also display the Three Carps with Crystal Ball during this year, as it will allow them to embrace the harmony between earth, heaven and the human race. Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast for Snake. In this year, those born in the years of the snake will be rewarded with many advantages and benefits.

Because you will have the blessings of the Star of Heavenly Seal, you will have the ability to summon success into your home, as well as improve your wellbeing and mindset — the Snake will be more attuned both physically and mentally. To enhance the effects of this good year, you should place the Colorful Money Frog with Bagua on Head in the Southeast sector of your living room. Also, to further augment the sanctions of the Star of Heavenly Seal, you should both wear the Ammonite Shell Pendant to further activate the luck brought by this heavenly star.

You should also wear Citrine Bracelet with 21 Eye Dzi , to bring you magnificent windfall luck and happiness. Despite all the good tidings of this year, those with the Snake Zodiac should be cautious, as the malicious Robbery Star will reside in your direction this year. To repel the negative effects of this star, you should keep with you the Rhinocerous Keychain for Protection ; this potent symbol will protect you from robbers and muggers. To keep your house and family safe and guarded from harm, place a Double Horned Blue Rhinoceros in the Southeast sector, as well as a Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros in your main hall, facing the front door.

Because the Tiger is a natural ally and friend of the Horse, those born with the Horse Zodiac will be very happy and confident during the year of the Golden Tiger. With an enhanced sense of self-confidence and vigor, you will have the power to take control of both your personal life and your career. Although the Horse will become successful during this year, you should be very careful to not push your boundaries; many people may see you as becoming ego-centric, arrogant and loud-mouthed.

Feng Shui Luck in

To prevent these negativities and to keep your intentions pure, you should wear the Mystic Knot necklace — this beautiful pendant will allow you a renewed sense of patience and serenity. If you wish to keep companionship with your clients and colleagues, you can keep on your desk the Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque ; this will in turn boost your career status. Also, displaying the Star of David Crystal Balls in your main family room will allow your aspirations to be brought to life.

The Year of the Golden Tiger will not be a very good one for those born in the years of the Sheep. Essential energies, such as your Chi Strength and Life Force, are very negative this year, which will cause you to become susceptible to malicious stars as well as obstacles which block your life path.

Fortune & Feng Shui 2010 Rooster (Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui)

To overcome these misfortunes and repel the negative effects of any evil stars, place the Five Element Pagoda in a prominent area in the Southwest sector of your home. Also in the Southwest, you can place the Luck Transforming Fan , and turn it every day. In your living room, you should place a Feng Shui Crystal Lotus Flower , as this will hinder the effects of evils in your home. If you are aged 31 or older, you should wear the a Hum Pendant, because your risk of misfortune is higher than those younger than you.

All Sheep Zodiacs should carry with them the Trinity Five Element Pagoda Keychain in the year , either in your bag, briefcase or pockets. In , those born with the Zodiac of the Monkey will suffer from the divergence with Tai Sui , as well as having the burden of the negative effects of the Wu Wang.

Despite this, the Monkey is lucky because it will be blessed with an Inner Chi Essence, as well as a potent and revived Life Force, both of which will allow a capability to overcome obstacles and deal with any threatening issues. This is also helped by the fact that during the year of , Tai Sui will be both liberal and understanding.

The Green Tara should be kept on your desk in your office or the place where you work or spend most of your time. In addition to this, you should constantly carry a Five Element Pagoda Keychain , as this will keep you safe from any evils or malicious intents that are aimed in your direction.

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  4. Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast for Rooster. In the year , those born in the years of the Rooster will be blessed with auspicious luck and success in many areas of your life. Because the Essences of Spirit and Vitality will be very potent and surrounding, you will be granted with many flows of luck and happiness. These benefits will be relevant in your work place, where you will gain both respect and the recognition you deserve, which will in turn lead to promotions and opportunities to advance in your career.

    Despite the tendencies for benefits this year, you should still be cautious and be sure to keep with you the Obsidian Money Frog to Attract Wealth Amulet , which will solidify your luck.

    Fortune & Feng Shui Snake

    In addition to this, placing the Fly On Horse in the West sector of your home will help you to defeat any turmoil and misfortunes in your path. Another Feng Shui product to be used is the Clear Quartz Crystal Ball , which will allow for self-development and retention of good fortune when displayed in the West sector. You can keep the Eight Auspicious Keychain and Aventurine Bracelet with Tibetan Dzi Bead , as both of these items will make this year smooth-flowing and filled with happiness.

    Those born in the years of the Dog will be granted with the Luck of Small Auspicious during the year ; because of this, you will find many small but worthy occasions during the year, during which you can celebrate and enjoy a good time — while these events may not be large and life-altering, they will still be a cause for joy and inspiration. These benefits are due to the fact that the Tiger is the ally of the Dog, and so this year will not cause any hardships for you or your family. However, during the Year of the Golden Tiger, those with the Dog Zodiac will suffer from a weak intrinsic energy; due to this, you must keep with you the Nine Eye Tibetan Dzi Bead , to allow you to achieve success and reach your aspirations.

    In relation to this, you should wear the Ammonite Shell Pendant , which will allow a smooth flow of fortune to you. To ensure that your relationships are enduring and strong, keep with you the Bejeweled Mystic Knot Lucky Charm Keychain.

    Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010

    Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast for Boar. Those born in the years of the Boar will be very successful in this Year of the Golden tiger. Because the Tiger is the secret friend of the Boar, this year will bring a lot of achievements and accomplishments, all the fruit of your hard work. However, you should always keep your optimism up, because it is a possibility that robberies and muggings will come your way, which will cause you some monetary loss and depression.

    There are a few ways in which you can keep your luck good, and prevent negative energies from entering your life. In the Northwest sector of your house, place the Blue Glass Rhinoceros ; doing so will defend you and your family against the malicious Robbery Star, as well as illnesses and accidents. For business success and increased chances of promotions, display the Golden Feng Shui Ru Yi on your workdesk. To also aid in business, displaying the Golden Victory Dragon in the Northwest sector of your living room will allow you to become further respected and recognized for your work efforts.

    During this year, instead of a normal key ring, the Boar Zodiac should use the Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet — this will ensure that your fortune stays fluid within your life, and does not escape. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

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