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Regional Plan of Conservation and Development

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Contact Information Sharon Kramer. Conservation Planning Conservation planning involves the development of measures to guide long-term management of species and their habitats within the constraints posed by different types of land and resource use.

Land Use Planning, Conservation, and Community Development – Farm Transfer Network of New England

The goals of a conservation planning document may include: incorporating human land uses while avoiding harm to resources; preserving, enhancing, or restoring habitats; aiding the recovery of sensitive species; restoring natural hydrologic and geomorphic processes; mitigating impacts on biological resources; or integrating ecological principles into other land use objectives.

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It is the moment when heritage items can be used in a coherent and synergistic way to create meaningful narratives and experiences. However, the exhibition process requires interdisciplinary collaboration on a range of conservation-related topics such as documentation, significance, display, environmental control, transportation, security, and so on.

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Planning exhibitions is therefore a vital and complex skill for today's heritage organizations dealing with collections. This CollAsia course will address key aspects of exhibition planning, including concept and design, public engagement, logistics, preventive conservation and risk management for heritage collections going on display.


Conservation planning

It will promote scientific literacy, critical thinking, and decision-making skills among the diverse professionals involved in the making of exhibitions. The course will explore emerging topics such as interactive exhibits, storytelling, open storage, and the use of digital technologies to improve visitors' experience.

Land Use Planning, Conservation, and Community Development

The course will take place in Vientiane, Laos. The new premises of the Lao National Museum will provide an inspiring venue and the right context to delve into the multifaceted process of planning exhibitions. This intensive training activity will consist of highly interactive sessions containing presentations, practical exercises, and study visits.

Participants will benefit from working in an actual museum environment, and from exchanging their knowledge and experience with colleagues from Southeast Asia and beyond. The working language will be English. The workshop will have up to 20 participants, of which 16 from the Asia-Pacific Region, and 4 from other regions.